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CCT Services | Customer care | CRM | Live Chat Support | Call Center Services | Customer Retention | Customer Value Enhancement | Dubai  UAE | Limassol  Cyprus |

Welcome to CCT Services FZ LLC

We specialize in providing services which help our clients maintain and improve the relationships with their customers. Our team has the experience that allows them to understand how to handle customers from different regions and different demographics and have developed techniques that help manage the relationship between companies and their clients.

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Customer Care Call Center Live Chat CRM Systems

By keeping an open channel of communication with the customers and offering them first class personalized service we can help our customers get their message to their clients more successfully thus increase sales. In addition to that, we have developed various incentive models that are designed to improve brand loyalty and increase the average customer value as well as the average customer lifetime. Services will include call center, email response management, and other customer contact solutions.

CCT Services is a leading industry pioneer for outsourced CRM, Call Center, Online Chat Support Solutions and has expanded its diverse portfolio of services to include Call Back Request handling, Click to call and e-mail support. Our best-of-breed, fully scalable and custom made contact center services cater to specific needs of any E-commerce operation and are aimed at generating a clear increase in sales or leads from their current web traffic or customer database. Our turnkey solutions combine state of the art technology with trained, intelligent and enthusiastic staff, allowing e-businesses to staff their operations 24x7 for a personalized online experience.

CCT Services FZ LLC is incorporated under the Dubai Outsource Zone in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The free zone it self was specifically designed by the Dubai government to cater to companies providing outsource services. This enables CCT to have direct access to the best facilities and technology in order to provide its clients with the very best in:

Customer Support :
Our skilled customer service representatives can assist Your customers with their problems and issues in real time and with utmost professionalism. Our agents have experience in handling billing, product support, status updates and other functions related to customer service.

Call Center :
Our call center staff are experienced salesmen who can provide expert consultation on a product line, suggest compatible products, and present limited-time merchandising "specials" or offers to maximize order value. The offers selected are premised upon various factors like demographics of visitor, visitor behavior etc. It can be one of your products that fits customer's needs or a third party offer.

Technical Support :
Our skilled technicians are capable of handling tech support for the most internet based services, software, computers and peripherals, networks and a variety of other products. Our agents are equipped with modern training and research facility. Most of our tech support agents have certifications such as CCNA, MSCE, A+ and degrees such as B.Tech, B.Sc, Engineering, BCA etc.

CCT Services FZ LLC uses software by the following industry leading corporations:

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Phone: +971-56-1026639

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